My Top Books

This is in no particular order, because I can’t rank my favorite books! I wanted a page to consolidate my absolute favorite books. These books will not let you down.

Dark Matter.

Are you a science nerd? Do you like science at all? Do you feel like having your entire brain rewired and your mind absolutely blown? Dark Matter is your book. Read the review here. 

The Nightingale.

I’m obsessed with this book. I got it for literally everyone as a gift. And, BONUS: they are making a movie. I repeat. They. Are. Making. A. Movie. But honestly, with any Kristin Hannah book, you can’t possibly go wrong.

The Hate U Give.

This book. It opens your mind and perspective. It gives you a lot to ponder. It gives it to you straight. I think this should be required reading for everyone. It has some serious themes, but ones that young adults need to realize are realities for many people. Read my full review here.

A Man Called Ove.

Feel like crying for days? Feel like having your heart ripped apart and then sewed haphazardly back together? This is the book for you. Read my full review.

Children of Blood and Bone.

Fantasy mixed with a little social justice. Powerful women main characters, What could possibly be better? Read my full review here.

Anne of Green Gables.

Ah, one of my childhood favorites, filled with memories. Love Anne’s imagination and personality. If you haven’t read this, you won’t be disappointed!