A lot of followers are used to me solely posting book reviews on amyreadsit.com. I’ve stuck with that for a couple of years, and loved every minute of it. Don’t worry, I will absolutely continue to do book reviews on this site! Who would I be if I dumped my roots? And, let’s be honest, I’m not going to stop reading anytime soon. But, I also wanted to take the time to explain to everyone why I’m suddenly setting up redirects, changing my usernames, and doing a complete re-brand.

Who am I?

I’ve always self-pronounced myself to be a voracious reader and an honest reviewer (the tagline of amyreadsit!). Both of these are definitely true. However, containing myself to just one small niche is limiting how often I post, and what all I can share! I often find myself thinking about how many things I have to say and stopping myself from sharing simply because I don’t have the platform. Well, that and being a complete introvert.

I’m going through a couple major life changes (which I’ll soon be posting about), and along the way I’ve found a lot of things that work…and a lot that don’t. Also, I am notorious for trying tons of things I find online and read in other blog posts or even…*shudder*…see on advertisements.

For example… even just thinking about the different diets I’ve tried. Beachbody? Check. Keto? Check. Daily Harvest? Check. Vegetarian? Check. Vegan? Check. 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse? Check. Guys, I literally could go on for a while…and this is just in the realm of diets. Imagine what I’ve tried with exercise, random products, and other weird fads that you see everywhere flooding your feeds. And guess what? Most of them don’t work for me, and I can explain exactly why. If I can save ya’ll the trouble by going through it for you and sharing my experience, that is awesome.

Sharing all of this with the world is going to be absolutely petrifying for me at first (remember, total introvert), but my philosophy is if I am finding things out the hard way–why not share that with the world!

Why make the switch?

I have found pretty limited opinions and voices out there in the world that are similar to mine. Publicly, at least. I feel like a lot of what people post online (except for on Twitter) is all sunshine and butterflies, and not real. Online presences are all about putting on a mask and showing only what you want people to see, not what actually happens on a daily basis. NERD ALERT: I’ve actually read a couple of books on how this is projected to impact teenagers and generations who grow up seeing these facades. And honestly, it even impacts me! I am dying to read more blogs and posts from people who think more like I do…frank (hence the name), to the point, and most of all, realistic.

There are some blogs out there that do have this voice, and stumbling across those is a complete breath of fresh air for me. I think there could always be more in the world, especially in the blogging world. So, that’s why I’m making the switch… I’m trying to bring that Twitter-feel to the blogging world. Are you with me?

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