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The more I think about this Your Perfect Year, the less I like it. It was a nice read while I was dealing with insomnia – just enough to keep me entertained but not keeping me on the edge of my seat. If you’re looking for something you can put down at any moment and just enjoy when you remember to go back to it, I would say this is that book.

This book deals with a heavy topic but in a light way. It’s actually quite odd to me. If you don’t want spoilers, don’t keep reading!

Hannah, the most annoyingly optimistic, believes-in-fate, and just wholeheartedly good person, is expecting a proposal from her boyfriend. She ends up getting something completely different. Her boyfriend tells her he has less than a year to live, and he no longer wants to be with her. She refuses to accept this, creates a planner for him filled with things to have him live “the perfect year”, trying to show him that even if he does only have a year, they can make the most of it. Anyway, she gives him that, and he goes out and kills himself, leaving the planner with a stranger.

The stranger, for reasons of his own, follows everything in the book. He starts out with the intention of trying very hard to return the book to the rightful owner. This guy has a publishing company, and is stuck in his life of dull routine. He is an odd character, very rigid indeed. Hannah’s words in the journal inspire him to shake up his life.

Of course, somewhere throughout following this, he falls in love with Hannah. He somehow knows that it’s her that wrote it. Most of the book is build up to them meeting, and finally they meet. They hit a couple of snags, one of which being that the stranger wrote her boyfriend a nasty rejection letter to his novel, but eventually end up together. Story over.

See? It’s not bad, but its not groundbreaking. I thought it was weird that the book was so light but it had a suicide in it. It’s worth the read, but the characters annoyed me throughout. Both of the main characters aren’t really someone I would want to spend time with. Probably just not my cup of tea, but I’m really thankful for this book keeping me company in my sleepless nights!

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