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First review of the year! I technically finished this in 2019, but we will keep that hush-hush. In 2020, I am thinking I will expand this blog to be mainly book reviews, but also cover some other content I’ve been itching to write about. I may have to eventually change the title of my blog, but I will always stay true to my roots and keep posting book reviews on here. I’ll categorize them as well so if any loyal readers out there are really opposed to this idea, they can always just filter the other content out!

Speaking of sticking to my roots… I’m back with another psychological thriller! And boy, did this one take me for quite the ride! The Wives was an unexpected surprise of a book. This is my first Tarryn Fisher book, and I plan to check out some others when I catch up on my list that’s hovering over my head. I finished this book in one day — yesterday — and my mind is still reeling from it. I can’t get over how many lines were crossed by how many characters. It’s honestly insane!

I really don’t want to give away too much here, but if you’re looking for a book that has blurred lines, potentially unreliable narrators, and lots of twists and turns, I do suggest this book. I took away one (point five) stars simply because I wasn’t sure how realistic it was for everyone to cross those lines, and also as I think about it more and more and dissect it in my head more and more I’m finding some questions that are still lingering in my head, and I want more explanation! There’s also some subject matter in here that may be sensitive to some people including domestic violence and an overall crappy man.

Check this book out with the link below!

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