The Sun Down only looked empty. But it wasn’t.

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Those of you who follow me on instagram know that I’m aiming to only buy 10 books this year. It’s good to have goals, right! I have so many books that are unread on my shelf that I am trying to make myself go through those, and then go to the library after that, before buying a more books. Anyway, the point of me telling you this is that this was my first book purchase of the year. 1/10. And I am so glad I got this one!

Now, this book was way more my speed! The Sun Down Motel was a chilling, thrilling, Nancy-Drew-esque novel, and it was everything I didn’t know I needed in a book. Simone St. James also wrote a book I got from Book of the Month Club last year, The Broken Girls. I linked my review to that. I wasn’t overly impressed with that book, but I liked it. This book was, to me, much better. First of all, there was no journalist. Just a college girl, Carly, looking for closure on her aunt who went missing a long time before. Secondly, it still did the two stories, but it made sense on how they fit together the whole time, so you weren’t wondering what made them fit together.

As Carly starting figuring things out, you would hear it from Viv’s (her missing aunt’s) point of view in 1982. That was an interesting way to get more insight into what Carly was trying to hunt down. The two stories fit together seamlessly, and really enhanced my experience to know everything from both time periods.

I love mysteries and thrillers, and I love paranormal books. This was a great mix of the two. It’s pretty much a cold case that both Viv and Carly start digging into. It’s so easy for them you do have to wonder what the heck is happening with the police force in Fell. A little concerning, but luckily this is a fiction novel!

If you’re looking for a page turner, I would definitely point you in this direction!

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