He was an obsession waiting to happen.

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Do you ever think things would be a whole lot easier if people were straightforward and honest about their feelings? That’s something I kept wishing for the characters in The Kiss Quotient. TALK TO EACH OTHER, YOU CRAZY PEOPLE!! No, but really, this was a book that I really enjoyed!

Just so you all know, from the cover, I legitimately thought this was a Young Adult novel, but it is NOT. It is most definitely a straight up contemporary romance. There are a lot of raunchy scenes, and 10 pages in, the main character hires an escort! As soon as I read that I was like, oh, okay, I clearly don’t know what I’m getting myself into.

I ended up loving this book though. Stella, the main character, is autistic. I will freely admit that I do not know much about autism at all, so I can not attest to how well it was portrayed, but it felt authentic. I really fell in love with Stella, and I hated how she was ashamed of that part of herself, and tried to hide it.

The characters in the book felt really realistic, and I fell for them page after page. They felt so real, and as the book went on, I felt closer and closer to them. I really read through this book quickly. I don’t think romance is a genre I go for often enough! Maybe this will change that.

Not part of the book review, but I am really, really trying to read the books I have instead of buying new ones all the time. So, instead of buying A Long Petal of the Sea, I went to my bookshelf and picked this up. Honestly, I’m so glad I finally read this instead of putting it off more, but I still want to buy A Long Petal of the Sea! I challenged myself to only get 10 books this year, and I already bought 2. So I’m thinking I need to at least wait until February to buy the next one! Ha!

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