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Well… I somehow finished this book… I felt like there was a lot of deeper meanings that I just didn’t get. To be honest, this book confused me and I didn’t like it…at all. I’m not even sure why I finished it. I kept hoping it would get better because people rave about Helen Oyeyemi and say she’s such a wonderful author, but honestly I felt confused the whole time and…well…bored? And the ending circled back to the beginning so I feel like I literally read this for no reason whatsoever at all. I could have read the first few pages and been like ok, cool, got it. I would give a quick synopsis but literally I can’t even think of one besides the fact that Miranda has pica and is sick, and the house somehow has a point of view.

It felt a bit like I was back in school reading a book that I was obligated to with my English teachers over my shoulder asking what the author really meant by that. I’ve been sitting here thinking about it, and frankly, I still have no freakin’ clue. Someone who has read this and gets the deeper meaning, please fill me in.

White is for Witching was written unlike any other book I’ve ever read, which didn’t really help me.. the first part was like a play? Or something? The titles of the chapters merged into sentences? The book jumped around from perspective to perspective, all sorts of tenses, super weird sentences that started and ended with words in the middle of the page that weren’t related but tied together by that word. See what I’m about to do? I tried to like this book and think of the deeper


to take a great picture of this book but couldn’t however my cat is cute so he fixes it a bit anyway. See how weird that feels, and discombobulating? I just…I know she was trying to get some sort of point across, at least I assume so, but I don’t know what. Also, I didn’t feel like I ever got to know the characters or ever figured out what was going on, and I didn’t feel like there was any sort of plot. So, none of them were likable. I didn’t ever feel any type of connection with them or at any moment feel like I knew them at all.

Anyway……I guess you could say this book really wasn’t in my wheelhouse and I will be putting it aside and never coming back to it. But seriously, if someone understood it way better than I did, please elaborate.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: White is for Witching by Helen Oyeyemi

  1. I agree – it was confused and I forced myself to finish it. The book reads as something much deeper and far too erudite than I could understand, which is what you were saying as well. It confused me to no end and…what was the point?

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