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Ah, what a fun, refreshing novel! I could really relate to Emily, the main character in Well Met. Maybe because she was about my age and had a kind of fun, snarky point of view. I wanted to shake her at times, telling her she was worth more than she gave herself credit for and to stop being so hard on herself. But, I know this is realistic as I will do this at times as well. I’m sure everyone struggles with it–especially if they’ve gone through anything even remotely similar to what Emily is struggling with.

It was fun to read about someone around my age, doing something completely different than me and in a totally different life situation than I am. I really felt for her and put myself in her shoes, and thought about all the possibilities of life. Also, I couldn’t get past her obvious love for Shakespeare! I could have definitely used her help during my Shakespeare class…

Side note, this book made me really want to go to a Rennaisance Faire! Overall, this book was a win for me, it was a heartwarming story, a story about a woman trying to find out who she is after her life is uprooted, and a story ultimately about familial relationships. Highly suggest this book for a fun, quick read that leaves you with a nice warm feeling afterwards!

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