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“Sometimes things that look simple turn out to be much more complicated, and the extra stuff ends up being missed.”

“And the extra stuff in this case,” she said, “could include someone getting away with murder.”

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Oh boy, The Whisper Man gave me the creeps! If you’re not trying to have weird dreams and be oddly creeped out, avoid this novel. There’s a rumor that’s been passed down from children of all ages in Featherbank of a man who comes for lonely boys, whispers to them through their window at night, and then they go missing…

This book is told from multiple points of views. Some third person, one first person. It is comprised of very short chapters that are put together to build tension, release more information in the case, and reveal the truth over time. The mix in third and first person really threw me. I might have missed something–but couldn’t figure out why exactly the first person character was the first person character.

I also thought there were a lot of unanswered questions in the novel. I think perhaps the author meant to do that–but some things just weren’t answered at all, which really bothered me after a while! I also felt that some of the characters weren’t well-built and didn’t feel fully realistic. However, others felt extremely realistic, so it was a mix!

There were definitely things I liked about this book, and I sped through reading it in a short amount of time. But, the above bothered me more and more as I thought about it afterwards.

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