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Some days I wake up and think, How did I get here? It’s like one day, you just realize you’re not young anymore, and you already made your choices, and now it’s too late to change anything.

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I’ll be honest here. I was on a book buying binge from Book Outlet, which arguably is the best website I’ve come across (please help a book blogger out and use my link if you’re going to purchase…I happen to love referral points). I saw The Sweetness of Forgetting, skimmed the author’s name and immediately thought this was by Kristin Hannah and one of her books somehow slipped past me (I’ve read every single one of her books) and bought it without hesitation. I get my box a few days later, and find out that Kristin Harmel is not the same as Kristin Hannah. Haha! Well, I was disappointed, for sure. But, the premise of the book was good, and I was in a reading slump, so I decided to give it a chance.

Lucky for me, I ended up really enjoying this book! I thought the characters were well-written and very realistic. I loved the mystery feel to it as the main character unraveled the life her grandmother had kept secret for so long. I thought it was brave to tackle something as serious as Alzheimer’s and thought Harmel did pretty well, although I’ve not much experience with it. It definitely raised awareness for me and made me think twice about all the memories I may currently take for granted.

Also, woven in was a story of relationships and bonds. Between a mother and daughter, a grandmother and her granddaughter, familial bonds vs bonds of growing up together, friendships, and romance. I really thought this book had it all–it made me laugh, grimace, cry, and feel all the feels! Great book to get my out of my slump and back onto devouring more books!

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