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Memory…is everything. Physically speaking, a memory is nothing buy a specific combination of neurons firing together–a symphony of neural activity. But, in actuality, it’s the filter between us and reality. You think you’re tasting this wine, hearing the words I’m saying, in the present, but there’s no such thing.

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Oh, my goodness. This. Book. I don’t know how Blake Crouch does it. I really don’t. But each book of his seems to get better? Recursion might be in the running of my top ten, up there with Dark Matter. Which is saying something. I devoured this in one day and loved every minute of it.

If you could go back to a point of your life to change something, would you? Would you use that power to change an event, a choice, something that shot your life on a trajectory that you didn’t expect? What would you do with the power? It sounds good. It sounds like something that could be used for the better, to change lives. But there’s almost always a catch.

Somehow, Crouch ties together science fiction with romance that reaches the soulmate level. Sure, they met and fell in love probably way too quickly, but that love endured. Also, I’m pretty proud of how he made the female characters kick butt!

This book really, really makes you think. About memories, about your life. About how memories are your life. And if those were wrong, or if you got a whole new set of memories, what would happen? The more I think about this, the more my brain twists and turns and tries to comprehend…I can’t imagine how he felt writing this.

Anyway, if you want to question reality and the construct of time and our whole world, might as well pick this up for a nice little mind bender!

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